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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Lucas @ Three Months

Little Lucas is growing fast. Too fast. The last month has literally flown by. It only feels like I wrote his two month update last week, yet here we are, three months old. The end of his fourth trimester. I guess this means he is past the stage of being my newborn. Sob! 

This month Lucas has 'woken up'. 

Honestly, Jon and I were continuing to twitch how disinterested Lucas seemed in us, how he would still look past us, instead of at us. I was starting to feel concerned about how much time he still spent asleep in comparison to what I remembered with the other boys. 

We were getting ourselves all worked up about potential problems. But my, we were being silly and premature. Once again we needed to keep reminding ourselves that his four weeks early had made a bigger difference to him than it had his brothers. 

All of sudden, 10 weeks old, he started taking a lot more notice of people, he started to 'see'.  We started getting more and more smiles that we didn't have to work so hard for. Now another couple of weeks later he is absolutely switched on. He follows people with his eyes as they walk past him, he is starting to vocalise in response to you, he seemingly gets excited at interaction, he adores his big brothers. 

He has started to intentionally reach for the hanging objects on his playmat and briefly grips and tries to lift toys if they are placed in his hand. My little baby is really read to start discovering.  He is so content and lovely, and we're all totally in-love with him. 

Beautiful baby Little. You are three months old. A whole quarter of your first year has already passed us by. You really will be one before we know it! At three months old you weigh 13lb 8oz. Exactly the same as your big brother Zachy when he was three months old.  You have suddenly properly chunked out with little rolls of thighs, and filling out in your face and tummy. No longer are you the skinny newborn.  Already I'm sorting out your 3-6 month wardrobe to phase in over the next couple of weeks. 0-3 tops and trouser sets are still lovely, but all in ones are starting to feel a little short in the leg. You keep growing! 

You still feel like my newborn but older all at the same time. 

This month your cries have changed. No longer it is just the urgent stress-inducing cry of a newborn; I'm beginning to know if your cries are for changing, for cuddling, for milk, or just because you are very tired. 

You've discovered your hands and often suck on or mouth them now. You are ready to play now. You like looking at toys, you like it when toys are put in your hands and you can have a go at lifting them up and down. Your favourite things are small rattles, your pirate friend and the sunshine bar that fits to chairs and spins. You are a little wriggler and already a couple of times we've left you on your mat, and come back to find you have moved yourself around 90 degrees! Listen up kid, I'm so not ready for movement, keep still! 

Your daily awake and asleep patterns are on the cusp of becoming a routine. There is still no concrete structure to the day hours but the beginnings are there; you consistently want to nap for a short 20-30 minutes an hour or so after getting up for the day now, after this you average another four sleeps of varying lengths before bedtime.  And a bedtime you do now have. So recently started, but so far you have taken to bedtime exceptionally well. You were ready to go upstairs in the evening, in your Moses. Another step away from being my newborn! Losing the ability to sleep anywhere, becoming over-stimulated, needing lights off and noise down to settle in the evenings.  

I dare to whisper that the night before you turned three months old you slept through the night for the first time. *You've even done another three sleep through the nights in a row so far this week*  Long may it last, but I won't be surprised if it doesn't! So far my baby, you are the best sleeper for your age of you three boys! 

You are truly wonderful Lucas Elias. My favourite thing it to kiss you and watch the beaming smile appear on your face. You love to be kissed. 

My boy, my baby. Adored. 


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