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Monday, 18 April 2011

Baby Mailing

During the excitement of being pregnant with Anabelle I spent time signing up to lots of different baby things. Bounty, Emma's Diary, Pampers... you name it; I'd probably put our names down for it. Receiving baby magazines and samplers was exciting, I remember being especially excited about the tinier than you could ever imagine Size 1 nappy sampler that arrived one morning.

But then after Anabelle died the baby mail that kept on arriving on our doorstep or in our inbox was no longer exciting. Just huge painful reminders of what we no longer had.

I spent a day taking my address off email circulars and signed up to the "Baby Mailing Preference Service" to stop mail arriving at the house.  For the most part it worked, there was no longer an influx; but once or twice a month things continue to arrive at the house or on my email. Recently Tesco and Asda have both sent me leaflets regarding their baby events, Tesco still sends me their baby magazine, today Pampers sent me an email about my 8 month old baby.

Only I don't need to know what wonderful high chair and nappy offers are on at the supermarket, my baby is not 8 months old like she should be. 8 months old if she had been born in August when she was due. Instead my baby is almost 10 months old and an angel, born before her time and asleep.

It irritates and upsets me that these things can still get through, somewhere along the line the system has failed. 

I don't have it in me to sift through emails again to find the "please stop sending this to me" link, so instead as soon as something pops up it is deleted; but not before the wobble it sends me into. I certainly don't have it in me to figure out how I stop things landing on my doorstep. 

Its all too much, too painful. 


Waiting for Stanley and Lucy said...

My experience was so different, and so short lived, but I also felt devastated every time something came through the door. I only signed up to a couple of things - thankfully not a lot. Even now I still receive cards/notes from Bounty telling me that my baby will be.... etc. I didn't do the baby mailing preferences because I didn't think it would make a difference. Next time I don't think I'll be so hasty to sign up to things, which is a shame.
I think of you all every day Caz. I'm hoping that one day you'll get mail that won't break your heart. xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I only signed up for the Boots parenting club about a week before I went into labour and then had the Bounty woman in the hospital. I remember getting an email saying `you are 37 weeks pregnant...'. My son had been dead for 3 weeks by then. I gave a friend the baby mailing preference card to fill in for me and asked them to ring the Bounty woman to make sure I got taken off the mailing list. I thought this has worked but a few months later, when I commented on it, my husband admitted he's been throwing the baby mail that came away. Next time I'll be signing up for nothing. xxx JMC

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