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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Capture a Moment

My friend Ally at Cancer and Baby Equals Chaos has set a challenge tonight. Each Tuesday she would like people in the blogging world to post a photograph of a moment they have captured around them during the week before. I've signed up to join in. What a positive way to focus on the happier things that are going on in our lives!

So this is my captured moment for this week:  

Yesterday myself, Mum and my friend Marie spent the afternoon starting to make crafty bits to sell on a stall at Anabelle's Angel Day.  We chose templates and designs to decorate bags and spent the afternoon sewing. Now for people who know me well, will know I have zero experience of sewing and the most needlework I've done in the past is a bit of cross-stitch. My mother especially initially found it amusing when I told her I was going to attempt to sew. 

But here is my finished bag. It literally took me all day - starting at 1.30pm and not finishing until 9.10pm but I'm so proud of it, and myself! It's a case of "look what I made"... Not bad for a first go I don't think and already looking forward to starting the next one. Just hope it doesn't take me as long to complete as the first! 


Anonymous said...

Well done for finishing it, the bag looks very pretty. Only thing is you won't be able to come to me in the future to sew buttons on your clothes:)) xx

Elle and Belle said...

What a pretty bag! You'll be amazed at what you can achieve; I had hardly any experience sewing until recently and now there's no stopping me!

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