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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Alexander's Month Three

The last time one of my children was three months 'old' I was falling to pieces. I'd spent three months surviving in a shock bubble; not feeling the world properly. On 21st September 2010 that shock bubble burst and 'forever' reality set in; Anabelle had been gone for a whole quarter of a year and  the significance to me was enormous. I stopped coping; a collapse so great I started bereavement counselling and this blog. My salvation and thinking space to organise my thoughts and over time has enabled me to raise awareness of stillbirth. This blog and played such a major part in 'putting me back together'. 

This time it is Alexander that is now three months old. Can you believe it?   This time there is no falling to pieces; just absolute joy. 

Since my last update he has changed so much. We've noticed major leaps in development over the last few weeks. My baby boy is no longer my 'newborn' but turning too quickly into a cheeky and delightful little boy! We've been very busy... 

Still adopting baby led days for the most part; Alexander is becoming more independent and confident, he's fallen into his own little routine that suits us all (and probably the baby whisper would be proud of)! He is now exploring toys and floor time for up to 20 minutes on his own, but equally loves you lying on the floor with him and celebrating every time he manages to make a toy move or make a sound!

He is getting more and more physically strong and lifting his bottom and legs towards his face as well as  already trying to roll onto his side and occasionally managing it. I don't think it will be too long before he will be on the go!   Alexander is tolerating tummy time more and more. Now he consistently lifts his head and shoulders rights up using his arms to support him. Quite funny to watch; using all his effort to lift his head then turn it from one side to the other. He makes lots of 'ugh' sounds like he lifting weights in the gym! 

He particularly loves his new swing and baby gym that he had for Christmas. Alexander is really starting to discover what his hands can do and they are constantly near his face (and in his mouth!), as well as noticing him feeling lots of different things. I have a feeling he may be right handed as he has just started to swipe at toys on his gym predominantly using his right arm. Although saying that he equally seems to prefer to chew and suck on his left fist and thumb; so who knows really yet?! 

It would be kind of cool if he was left handed like his Mummy, but we shall see! 

He is such a chatterbox now and has really discovered his voice. He is loud! Thoroughly enjoying having conversations and interacting with us and has mastered 'ooo' 'ohh' 'ugh' 'ah' and 'ahh' sounds! Telling stories and singing along for music time sessions!  He looks so intently at your face when you are talking to him, taking it all in and answering you back. Lots of happy noises!  He is also a cheeky chappy; starting to poke his tongue out as far as it will go (it is pretty long, we think he could touch his nose if he tried!!) and even blowing a raspberry this week! oh and lots of blowing bubbles at the moment too!

Bathtime is still a favourite. He is starting to explore the big bath now; enjoying all the extra space to kick and splash his legs. He's even had a few bathtimes in with me and experienced floating, bobbing and swishing around in the water. Great fun! Alexander definitely understands he can splash now and kicks his legs intentionally all of the time; and yes, he's managed to get us wet too!  We've discovered he likes a quick warm up with Mummy's hairdryer after a bath which is rather cute and makes his hair super fluffy; of course the pampered little man has a massage with some olive oil at the same time. He thinks it is rather fab! 

This month we have also discovered a little bit of cbeebies! We've found it an excellent tool to keep him entertained and focussed on something else while we are dressing him in the morning, because putting clothes on isn't always his favourite activity; whether that be letting me put clothes on myself or him!  It is remarkable to see him already communicating his preferences; consistently Postman Pat and Mr Bloom have him mesmerised, cooing and animated, but the Zingzillas or whatever they are - so far he's started crying and complaining every time! Amazing really. 

Another big change has been the introduction of a bedtime routine in the new year and Alexander has responded really well and has been much brighter and much shorter naps during the day as a result. He now has a feed around 7pm and goes down in his moses basket straight afterwards; settling quickly for the most part leaving us with longer adult evenings again. Although they are quickly filled up with catching up on housework (or blogging!) He then has a dreamfeed around 11pm which mostly sees him through until 6am or thereabouts. He is doing really well and Jon and I are massively proud. Or what I think you would call besotted! 

See, I told you we'd been busy this month! Isn't he fabulous?! 

My gorgeous boy! 


cedjhra said...

With reference to the tongue action - Xander's tongue is very much like his mother's and she could definitely touch her nose with her tongue and still can, if she tries:p Magu xx

Anonymous said...

He is fabulous Caz, am glad it's all going so well xxx jmc

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