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Saturday, 30 June 2012

National Breastfeeding Week

So this week has been National Breastfeeding Week. (NBW)  It is well documented here my emotional struggle with breastfeeding Alexander in the early days. Back then it seemed beyond that we would maintain breastfeeding until six months, let alone the eight and a half months we're now at, and still going strong. 

All those months ago it felt like something I had to endure. Now it feels like one of the most precious things  I've ever done. I can't say how glad I am now that I persevered through all those bad feelings, and more importantly that I finally had the courage to make a change that enabled me to emotionally keep breastfeeding, and then start enjoying it. 

Another few months on from my 'B is for...breastfeeding' post and Xander is still feeding 3 or 4 times a day. The 'dreamfeed' bottle of formula he was having is becoming increasingly infrequent. More often than not these days he is sleeping approx. 6.30-6.30, making the change I agonised over for weeks almost obsolete now. 

Unless Alexander self-weans I fully intend to keep feeding him until at least his first birthday, probably/possibly the until the end of this year and then I'll reassess where we are at. As much as I enjoy feeding Xander and sharing these intimate quite times with him, I can't imagine being an extended feeder . At the moment the end of 2012 feels like an appropriate/good place to consider stopping for me/us. He will be almost 15 months old in the new year. Who knows, by the time we get there I may feel very differently again but because it feels unlikely I'll still be feeding my boy by the time NBW rolls around again next year, for this week I wanted to capture some photographs and memories of these special moments. 

My absolute favourite time of the day now is feeding Xander before he goes to bed. It is the only time of the day when it feels we have all the time in the world. Just me and my boy, snuggled up together, quietly while he feeds to sleep cwtched up in my arms. 

Just bliss. 

Now before I share our NBW photographs I want to leave you with this. A beautiful blog post I stumbled across a few weeks ago from The Mule about nursing her baby to sleep. Just says it all so much more eloquently than I have! 

Snuggle time with Mummy

Having a snooze while I feed...

...until I'm peacefully fast asleep. 


The Mule said...

Thank you very much for sharing my post! x

Caz said...

Ah, I forgot to tweet you to tell you I had! I hope you don't mind. You write such lovely posts. :) X

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