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Thursday, 24 January 2013

#12 Makes Me Mad

What is making you mad?

Michael Gove 

I don't know a lot about politics. I don't pretend to understand it, but what a pillock this man is. 

Honestly, he makes my blood boil. Every time there is another teacher or education bashing nonsense article printed in the newspapers, he destroys the morale of the profession some more. This week, AS and A Level proposals, which do not have teacher or higher education support, not to mention the introduction of performance related pay  in the papers again this week. Oh and what about his 'flagship' now failing academies anyone? It is depressing.

You would expect the person in the position of Secretary of State for Education to uplift the people who work on the front line, as it were. Aspire to understand and experience the very real challenges in the classrooms across the country so that he can make decisions based on reality. Implement strategies, policies and changes that are relevant, not fashionable or unnecessarily provocative. You would expect some appreciation and acknowledgement of the hard work teacher's do, not just educating our pupils, but often going above and beyond to meet the emotional needs of the children in our care. 

But no, instead, at every turn he has belittled, devalued and even attacked the profession, and seems firmly in the camp of ignorant people who just think of a teacher as only working 9-3 and having long holidays. A camp of ignorant people who seem to think anyone can 'teach', a camp of people who continue to belittle our degrees and qualifications.  *Rolls eyes*   Why the resentment?

Do you remember how he urged parents into classrooms to break a threat of strike from the teaching unions? Would you urge people in off the street to 'cover' an operation if a surgeon went on strike for example? Or cover flying a plane if a pilot went on strike? Of course not. Gove completely undermines the skills of teacher's and refuses to acknowledge us as highly-trained  professionals.  We are not babysitters.

It is little surprise that parents and public have little respect and support for schools and teacher's when the man at the top is not on our side. Seeking to undermine us in every which way possible. 

We've put up with this man as Secretary of State for Education for over two and half years now; he's done so much more harm than good in his time in that position yet somehow kept his place in the cabinet in the last  autumn reshuffle. 

How is beyond me, with an entire profession alienated and an ever increasing cry of #GoveMUSTgo.  Follow @govewatch on Twitter for a general gist of the feeling. 

The last I heard Mr Gove you had an English degree, not a teaching degree. You do not have QTS. Maybe you should be sticking to what you know, and that is not education... What is even more frightening is that I keep hearing the rumour he is tipped to be the next Conservative party leader!

With men like him in charge in Westminster I'm thankful for devolution and the Severn bridge border. 


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