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Friday, 11 January 2013

So Why a Facebook Page?

As I said in my previous post, blogging started as my outlet, my space to organise my thought, process the turmoil we were going through. It helped me to connect to other angel parents at varying stages of their own grief. I also connected to lots of other bloggers, became involved in 'blog hops' and wrote guest pieces for other people. After a while I wanted my blog to become a platform that raised awareness, provided support, broke a taboo. I've always tried to be so honest with my feelings, even when, and probably especially when they are their most raw. 

These days I'm asked fairly regularly if somebody can connect a newly bereaved parent to my blog. Of course, I always say 'of course'. I hope somehow this blog has been a 'friend' in times of distress for other people.   I hope it has helped others to talk about their grief, if they want to. I hope it has helped those surrounding the bereaved to feel more comfortable and know how to reach their friends through times of need. 

My blog has over 3000 hits a month. I don't know if that is a large number in comparison to other blogs, but it seems fairly sizable to me. Each individual post can be read anywhere from 80-350 time, mostly averaging around 150. But people rarely comment, not directly on the blog at least. I know many of my readers link through my personal facebook page and leave comments there, but I also strangers reach my blog regularly too as I have readers popping in from around the globe according to the map on my stats page!

 It isn't always made easy to comment on blogs, it can feel a bit of a faff with the 'prove you are not a robot' filter code to fill in.  I've been guilty of it too, reading, feeling engaged with the post but not bothering to comment. The problem is if you turn the 'robot' filter code off you are often left with inappropriate spam comments, which when I'm feeling particularly sensitive, upsets me. 

I've been thinking about this for a while, so the last few days, in an attempt to encourage more discussion about my blog posts and another avenue of support for angel parents, I've started to link to its very own Facebook page. Even if its just to say 'I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has felt like that.'  I'm not entirely sure how it will go, it might not work, but we'll give it go. 

So far I've been reading through and linking some of the posts that I wrote in the few months after I started blogging in 2010. It strange to be reading so far back, its all so raw then. We really have come a long way. There is still so often pain now, but the bewilderment of those early days just cannot compare to how we function now. I wouldn't have believed it then, that the jagged edge would start to chip off a little bit to soften.

I hope people who read this blog, via Mumsnet Bloggers, or random google searches will especially feel able to come over and follow it there. I hope other angel parents will find it easier to explore their own thoughts through what I post here, and link over there. Mostly, I just want to get people talking. Continue raising awareness, continue breaking the taboo surrounding bereaved parents, stillbirth and infant death. 

So here we go, here it is: After Anabelle's Facebook page. Get liking! 


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Liked it!

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