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Friday, 1 February 2013

#1 Art

Different approach this month; instead of going through the 365 questions in numerical order I'm going to stick to them in date order. So for example, today I'm going to answer questions 1, but if I don't post again until Monday, then Monday, instead of answering questions 2 I'm just going to answer number 4 for the 4th, Get it? Good! Haha. 

What is your favourite piece of art you own?

Xander's baby art work 

He was a week old the first time we explore paint with him. He wasn't impressed, but I wanted his teeny tiny hand and footprints to cherish forever. A memory of just how little he was. 

The next time we got artistic was for his Daddy's 31st birthday. He was more or less covered head to toe in orange paint getting handprints-a-plenty to create the mane for the Lion we were making for Jon's card! It was fun though and I love our efforts. Anabelle's handprint was included too, copied and printed from her memory book and made the tail for the Lion. Very special. :)  Definitely one of my favourite art projects. 

Along with the Lion we made together, the first piece of art Alexander bought home from nursery was very special. It is a rite of passage for a child really isn't it; the first piece of art work bought home to show Mummy and Daddy. For Xander, his first 'bought home' painting was a sheep! 

Our kitchen is fast becoming Xander's gallery of art work and photographs nursery send home. A Mummy kitchen. The sort of kitchen I remembered growing up with our art work put up on the fridge. In our kitchen Xander's art is all over the cupboard, the fridge displays his and Anabelle's hands and footprints. Hers looking ever so tiny next to his; 32 weeks grown next to his 8 months old. Alexander's need updating again. Maybe that can be a job for half term.

I'm well known in my place of work for my art-tastic Thursdays. A long running joke, Thursday after dinner means one thing; paint, paint, a bit more paint, and some very messy children! I'm really looking forward to being able to do more art stuff at home too as Alexander starts to get a bit older and interested in art, sensory and messy play. Let creativity commence!

I love it, I'm looking forward to many years to come of him bringing home art work he is proud of and wants me to display in our kitchen. These are always going to be my favourite pieces of art. 


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