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Friday, 8 February 2013

#8 TV

What is the largest TV screen in your house? 

37"  in the living room...

and 32" in the bedroom... and the computer monitor is 22".  I think it is safe to say Jon required big screens. Infact he's just said if he had the space he would have a 24" monitor...! 

When we moved in our house (almost 6 years ago!) we only had my little portable TV that I had used at uni. We planned to 'make do' for a while before buying a flat screen TV... which we did a year later.   

I thought 37" was going to be far too big in our little house but Jon insisted! He is big on film watching and Xbox playing see, which needs a 'proper' screen apparently! He equally insisted on the huge screen in our bedroom and huge monitor screen! 

I sometimes think we have far too much screen time in our house. Jon with his films and TVs and monitors and me with my laptop and facebook and forums and blogging. Not to mention iPhones. They have become an integral part of life; but I often think we should try harder to have more time without screens and background noise. We're a gadgety household. 

Salt and Caramel did just this experiment recently and blogged about it; a really interesting read - her day without technology!  

Could we go a day without modern technology? Without facebook, twitter, forums, films, TV? Not using our phones or even our cameras?  I wonder what I would miss the most... I think it would be my camera closely followed by my phone -  I take photographs of Xander every day, I love taking photographs of him! That has been one of the best things about my iPhone; always having a fairly decent camera in my handbag, but it has also made online far more accessible. There are pros and cons to this of course; google in your pocket is handy but I've logged onto facebook and twitter far more during the day since getting my iPhone. Is it necessary or is it just habit because its so easy to have a quick look and catch up at intervals during the day when the whole world is on your phone?!  

Do we miss elements of the real world because our noses are in our phones? 

I'm in two minds about the influence of phones and gadgets on Xander. I know there is the entire debate in the background about screens and TV and the effects on development, (and I don't really want to get into that here) but gadgets are undoubtedly going to be a huge part of Xander's growing up; as they've increasingly become in our through our teenage years and beyond. He is going to need fairly proficient ICT skills to get on in his adult world, more so than us. He's already got the gadget bug from Jon, Jon being gadget mad and ICT dominated by his career, so I'm sure he'll be ok in that area... especially as Xander is so attracted to our phones and iPad and can already explore his own baby apps with little support from us! His current favourite apps are 'Doodle' which allows him to make noisy mark-making pictures (each colour paintbrush makes a different sound on the screen as you draw), 'Volt' - a basic cause and effect touch app with lightening/electricity type noises, and 'Fisher Price Animals' - he particularly likes the songs in that one and dances along! 

What would you miss the most in a gadget free world? I wonder if I could persuade Jon to give it a go just for a day!? 


Unknown said...

great to view your blog, its really informative and helpful...

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