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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day

We're not very big on Valentine's Day here; we've preferred to mark St Dwynwen's day instead. In the early days of our relationship we would buy each other the obligatory card and token gift for Valentine's Day, but mostly we've not done a lot, well apart from two years ago today, when we started our rainbow journey! A fact Xander probably won't want to know when he is older! 

Usually Valentine's Day falls in half term, so to join the obligatory couple-ness of the day I make Jon book a day off work so we can have a nice day together. That is as romantic as the gestures get around here! I can't remember what we did last year, so it couldn't have been that exciting! 

Today Xander turned 16 months old, or 'two years made' - it is probably about time for an update again. Every day I think I couldn't love that little boy anymore; but then of course I do, and burst with pride just a little bit more daily too.  Everything I've raved about him before is still just as true; he is cheeky and cheerful and gorgeous. 

My favourite new thing is his dancing. He's been dancing for a while, but just recently almost every time he hears music he starts rocking and swinging his arms back and fore for a little dance; whether it be after he presses a button on one of his sound books or especially gorgeous when the Friends theme tune is playing. (Jon and I watching that from the beginning again at the moment and currently laughing our way through Series 4) I'm trying to get a little clip on film to show, but typically every time I pick up the camera he stops dancing! 

His favourite songs remain the same with the addition of 'Heads Shoulder Knees and Toes' - he has a sound book that plays the tune and he is always finding it, pressing the button, looking at me and putting his hands on his head. Very cute. He has also just recently learnt to scream in the right place for the crocodile in 'Row Row Row Your Boat'. 

His favourite game is 'Boo' after really discovering it on New Years Day.  He thinks it is hysterical; he covers his eyes, or his face using something else and then removes it and shouts boo. He has even taken to playing 'Boo' with poor Fizfiz who is completely terrorised by him,  but she secretly loves it! He'll hide around one side of the sofa, she'll be around the other side and he'll keep popping his head out and shouting boo at her, until she playfully pounces at him.   I'm forever amazed without how much she tolerates from him. Xander spends hours of every day following Fiz around, planking on her to give her cuddles and being rougher than he should be, he pulls furs out and pulls and pushes her in all diretions; yet she doesn't react. The only time she's scrammed him was when he was playing inside his tent and she was attracted to the moving object under the covers as it were! 

Alexander still isn't walking on his own, practically running holding your hands, and wanting to be constantly walked around, but not letting go. His balance however is amazing; if you do let him go mid walk, he is very controlled in how he gets to the ground again! In the last two weeks he has started to stand up on his own intentionally, instead of by 'accident' as he was doing before; he is so delicious. We call him standing up 'up ups' and he'll stand up, hold his hands up by his head, looking at you as if to say - Look Mummy, no hands - so proud of himself and cheering himself on! What was only a second or two the other week is becoming longer and longer, so the braver he gets I'm sure it won't be long before some steps follow! 

Now something that the baby books didn't warn me is the onset of terrible twos! Friends have since explained it starts in the second year and not after the second birthday! Haha; he can be quite willful my boy about what he doesn't want to do, many an arching the back moment trying to get him into a car seat I can tell you! He can be equally persuasive getting you to do something for him, I seem to spend at least half my day being dragged around by the baby with him telling me what he wants me to do through point and pull gestures! He certainly knows how to communicate and grab my attention! 

Mum-ma and Daddy are becoming more frequent in his vocabulary. Usually from his cot in the morning, rather than to our faces, but I'm positive he has linked those words with our appearance now. He makes me smile. I'm positive he is starting to become aware of his sister too, yesterday I asked him where Belle was and he looked towards her photo. It is heartwarming but bittersweet all at the same time, I wish he could have known her properly. He loves other children. 

Talking of other children he is a little flirt our boy! From shouting boo to one little girl in a service station to making eyes to another baby girl across restaurant tables he certainly already knows how to charm! 

Valentine's Day today was spent taking our gorgeous boy out for the day. Originally we had wanted to go to the farm but it was flooded and muddy for the most part so instead we went to soft play. Well eventually; soft play place one, where we normally go, was rammed with a ten minute queue to get in (I know I know, its half term!) so instead we discovered a new soft play kinda place. Its a little less soft play, and a bit more undercover outdoor play, but Xander had a great time - definitely somewhere to go again, especially when he is walking, steady and confident on his feet! This is what Valentine's Day was made for; an excuse to spend the day altogther, I hope it continues to fall in half term! 


Anonymous said...

Just had to comment that he is so gorgeous! you are rightly a very proud mummy to both Alexander and Belle. Two beautiful children xx

Caz said...

Thank you :)

I'm biased of course, but I totally agree! xx

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