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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Little Boy Blue

So it looks like we're having another baby blue! This is our second son; 

Zachary Stephen Morgan 

Or Zac, as he'll be known for short...

Initial reactions; not bad! I cannot pretend there is no longing for a baby girl, there will always be longing for a baby girl, for the one we had and the one I want to one day come. Whether we have another or not, there will always be longing for Anabelle. I still want my second girl, as much as I wanted a second boy one day. I have my second boy now and I'm very happy. 

There are some mixed feelings, of course, but right now I'm mostly feeling excited. Excited that our baby has their name, that today he has become a little person. Baby Zac. I'm excited to see how alike he and Xander will be, if he'll share the same similarities with Belle. I'm excited to go and buy him his own set of babygros and the first thing he'll wear. I really like the bright dinosaur set in Next at the moment. I'm daring to be excited about choosing his coming home outfit, I'm thinking something rainbow again. My second hopeful rainbow baby boy. I'm excited about the chance to use all my favourite Alexander outfits that are in the attic again! I'm excited about the prospect of two boys and the pair of them being double trouble. I hope I get to take lots of 'guess which baby this is' photographs when I put Zac in the same clothes I had put on Xander when he was a tiny baby. I'm excited to buy matching outfits and dress them up together when I can. I'm excited to see them being brothers together.

So far Zachary is growing well and everything at the scan looked well. His measurements are more or less spot on for his age, which makes him smaller than his brother was right now and much more like his sister. At this stage of my pregnancy, Alexander was already measuring almost two weeks bigger than he should've been! I fully expect him to be a whopper by the end like his big brother though! 

For all my worrying, I've not reacted badly. This is my son and I love him very much, just as I do his bigger brother and sister. I'm really outnumbered now thought aren't I?! 


Nanny_Mcreed said...

Congratulations! You and Belle are definitely outnumbered now!
He's beautiful! Even as a scan!
Congratulations Morgans big and small xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your little blue bundle. What a fabulous name. I love the way that Alexander and Zachary match and also the symmetry in their initials - A-Z - with Belle in between, always loved by her brothers, and (who knows) maybe another little one too in the middle one day. I have two little boys and I can't tell you how much they love each other. They absolutely adore each other. I wanted a girl for my second but I have to say that they are blessed to have each other, for the same-sex sibling bond they have developed. They also entertain each other very well as their interests are similar. Oh and the matching outfits... they are lovely to do, my boys look so cute when they match. I don't feel outnumbered as my eldest is as likely to be painting or doing garden things with me as playing football with his dad. I do feel a pang about the pink but it gets less as they get older. I see plenty of little girls around not wearing pink or looking girly anyway! Congratulations again on a healthy scan and lovely news xxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the Morgans xxx

Bex @ The Mummy Adventure said...

Two boys is amazing and I love seeing mine together. They are getting better by the day which is just beautiful to watch. I still can't bring myself to put Archie in Dylan's old outfits but I think that is just me being strange. I dressed Dylan a lot in blue though and I love Archie in brights.

Hope everything goes well and congratulations!

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