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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Almost the 21st...

Today I made Anabelle a birthday card from her Mummy and Daddy.  

I know some people will think this is completely weird; but can you imagine not writing your children cards for their birthday? Making a card for Anabelle was something I needed to do. We'll take it to her garden while we're there with her and then afterwards it will take up a page in her memory book. 

We're in new territory. We've not faced a birthday before, this will be Anabelle's first one. 

It is a very strange, difficult and painful place to be and now we only have two days to go. We're not sure what to do, we're not sure what is "appropriate" when marking the birthday of a dead child. Although I don't think there is any such thing as inappropriate. What feels right for one bereaved parent may not feel right for another; at the moment we're figuring out what feels right for us.

So Anabelle has a card, we've ordered a very pink posy wreath with 3 white roses to go on her garden, we'll buy a balloon decoration to leave there and another to release into the sky up to heaven. Before all of this at 00:08; exactly a year since she finally arrived sleeping, we'll be on 'her' mountain sending pink chinese lanterns into the night. We know its a plan that gets us through these important Anabelle days, but what else can we do to fill the long 24 hours that make up her birthday? 

But first tomorrow, we're to get through Father's Day...


Maria said...

What about baking a cake for her?

On the carly marie healing project I read that she takes pics of sunrise and sunset on her sons birthday and then put them in his album.
Donate a Memory box to a hospital.

Have a special dinner.

Take her a little number one candle.

hugs ... and big floaty hugs to Anabelle

Anonymous said...

I like these suggestions, lots of love gu xxxx

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