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Monday, 5 September 2011

Showering the Baby

Party organiser! Sorreya and Me! 
Saturday my very special friend Sorreya, with a bit of collaborating with Jon had arranged Alexander and me a surprise baby shower. And surprised I was. I really hadn't been expecting it.  A shower in Anabelle's pregnancy had never been mentioned; but of course her pregnancy had ended so abruptly and eight weeks earlier than anyone had planned for. I didn't expect one to be planned this time either; after all, showers involve gifts and gifts involve money. I would've completely understood if people didn't want to part with their money for him until he'd arrived safely.  

I'm so very lucky to have some thoughtful and lovely people surrounding me at the moment. People who want to be a part of making this pregnancy special and memorable for all the right reasons; especially now. Those weeks. 

Jon had been being sneaky for a while. I knew something was up, especially when he said Friday afternoon that he would be taking me out the next afternoon but not telling me where! When he said he would be dropping me off and not staying I was even more intrigued! 

So on the way and blindfolded (and feeling like quite the numpty) I'd decided to myself it must be a spa afternoon or something with Mummy-to-be treats because that is the only thing I'd been hinting throughout this pregnancy! We got there, and arrived to a room full of my lovely family and friends, blue everywhere and a mountain of presents that could have competed with a childhood Christmas! Much better than an hours massage! 

A tea party! 

A mountain of beautiful presents!

Baby Shower Cake - Organised by my sister! 

Rainbow and Angel Cake Toppers - Both of my Babies 
An afternoon I'll cherish as a bright moment in Alexander's pregnancy, I'm so grateful for the thoughtfulness and effort. An afternoon celebrating my baby boy, just as he is now!

Alexander; you (and Mummy and Daddy) are already being so so spoilt! Keep safe little man; there are lots of people waiting to meet you! 


Maria said...

What a pleasant surpise!

The cake is absolutely beautiful! (bet it tasted nice too).


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