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Saturday, 11 February 2012

4. Reasons to be Cheerful

I'm really enjoying joining in Mummy From The Heart's weekly bloghop. Reasons to be Cheerful. I'm two weeks behind everyone else with my reasons to be cheerful but 2012 is already marking such a difference in me. Last year I just couldn't find it within me to focus on my reasons to smile; this year I'm determined to appreciate my blessings, because there are many. 

This week Xander had his third set of infant immunisations; and boy did he feel them this time. The first two sets he hardly made a peep, this week he howled. The next day the sniffles started (related/unrelated? who knows!) and now he has a full blown cold; his first one. He sounds chesty and has an awful barking cough. My poor baby, but even he is managing to remain (for the most part!) cheerful! 

This week I have been cheerful because: 
  • The baby looked super cute in his little rugby kit last weekend! We enjoyed a lovely Sunday lunch with friends and watched the rugby. Bonus happy; Wales won! 
  • Monday we joined the later group for baby swimming. After two weeks of being the only baby in the class at 10.00am we thought it would be more beneficial for Xander to have other babies/toddlers to swim with. Definitely the right decision; he loved watching the other children! 
  • My Mum arranged Xander's dedication cake. It is going to be gorgeous. And the extra special factor; it is being made by the same lady who made our wedding cake. You know how I love connections like that. 
  • Jon had an extra day off Friday so he could come and watch Xander at baby music. Unfortunately Xander was not at his brightest and later on that day went down fast with his cold, but he still had a good time. Afterwards he even enjoyed the ball pool in the soft play area. 
  • Xander's nursery place has been arranged and confirmed ready for September. We are lucky that on my return to work we will only be paying for one day childcare; I am part-time so will be enjoying Mummy and baby time at the start of the week, two days he will be spending with Nana and Bampi and the final day he'll be in nursery. We are really happy with our choice, it is a fabulous nursery. 
  • I'm ever grateful for our access to the NHS. After going to bed sounding rough and getting up sounding even rougher this morning we took Xander to the out of hours GP service.  Ok, so the Dr we saw had the charisma of a fish and it wasn't the most reassured I've ever felt; but we were able to get the baby seen quickly. Of course it has its faults, but thank you God for the free healthcare in this country. 
  • Silver lining to a poorly baby? Super Snuggle Saturday! 

 So as you can see; the main reason to be cheerful this week? My gorgeous boy! 

Supporting his team! 


MsXpat said...

Yeah he really does look super cute in his lil outfit.

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