Our beautiful baby daughter Anabelle was born sleeping June 2010.
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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Year of Belle's Birth

This morning I noticed that my Bible is a 1985 copyright version. I like things like this – things that relate to my birth year.
The first present Jon ever bought me was 1985 related. 3 weeks after we started dating he went to Tenerife and brought me back a present. That present was a 20 pence piece necklace, the 20 pence had been made in 1985, cut out and crafted. It is beautiful. Jon saw it and thought of me, the year I was born.
Being reminded of 1985 this morning has made me think of 2010. The year of Anabelle’s birth.
Through our pregnancy we had been keeping a pregnancy diary and filling in a baby record book. One of the pages in the baby book was all about the year of birth and what the key events were. I started filling it in in January. It started with the earthquake in Haiti , over the months I’d noted other earthquakes, the general election and new primeminister, the hung parliament, the volcano ash causing havoc with air flights, the gunman and random murders in Cumbria.  Our last entry was on the 4th June; I’d written about the ongoing oil disaster.
In Belle’s memory box we have the paper from the day she was born. The headline reads: The Minister for Hypocrisy – Top LibDem who dumped wife of 26 years when affair with PR girl was exposed shamelessly played on family values at election. I find it really hard to believe that on the 21st June this year that was front page news.  I still haven’t read the rest of the paper yet. It’s going to take building up to, but one day I will. What happened on the day Anabelle was born?
I can barely remember any of these events happening now. Anything in the first half of 2010  seems such a long time ago. I can’t recall any world events at all since Anabelle’s birth, apart from the recent royal engagement.
The world since June has been such a blur. I can only concentrate on us and our daughter.  


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