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Monday, 28 March 2011

The Wedding of Mr and Mrs V

This morning I stayed in bed and asleep until 11.00am. Such late lazy mornings are rare these days but after such a busy weekend I allowed myself to indulge in a lie in and a PJ day!

Saturday was my brother’s wedding day; the day I’d been really looking forward to and dreading all rolled into one. You’ll remember that my anxiety levels surrounding it all, the families and babies was at an all-time high and I had no idea how my coping mechanisms would pan out on the day.

As it was I needn’t have been so worried. With all major events, significant dates and occasions, it appears once again that the build-up is far worse than the reality.   In the hugeness of my brother’s wedding, with over 200 guests, the tiny people just seemed to melt into the large crowd. The room was enormous and they were miles away from me; and with Jon being official photographer and me wearing one of two hats all day (Bridesmaid vs. Photographer’s Assistant!) there was barely any time to think about it.

But above all, it is because I knew they were going to be there. Amongst all the anxieties and panicking I was prepared in some bizzare way; even the tiny newborn baby girl rocked me less than I had anticipated.

So all in all – I declare myself at my brother’s wedding a success and I’m so excited about the new Mr and Mrs V!  

The day was beautiful, the bride was beautiful and my brother didn’t scrub up too badly either! We were blessed with tremendous weather and they really couldn’t have looked happier!  Everything was just perfect for them, and the only thing that would’ve made my day better would’ve been my beautiful daughter sharing in it too. 


Anonymous said...

Well done Caz, I am glad it went well. It's funny how the build up to these things is a lot worse than they actually turn out to be. I've had a very bad week last week, culminating in another crying bout in the supermarket because there was a baby (boy) in the queue in front of me, all this because it was my birthday yesterday and I couldn't bear the thought that I am getting older but my son is not and never will. Funnily enough yesterday itself wasn't too bad, nicely low key with a few little surprises. Just Sunday to go now then we're clear for a few weeks. Stay strong xxx jmc

Hannah said...

So happy you had a good weekend Caz... you deserve it xx

Mammy DoLittle said...

Caz what a lovely post and a very heart wrenching story. x

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