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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Month of March

March has traditionally been my favourite month of the whole year; even this year it appears it will be no exception.  March this year is full of birthdays, weddings, memories and future. 

March starts on day one with St David’s Day, the national day of Wales. I have fond memories throughout primary school dressing up, celebrating, taking part in the Eisteddfod. I was bard poet in Year 5 after writing a poem all about rainfall!  Now I’m a teacher I continue to enjoy the first week of March with my class; today we painted red dragons and I took an assembly on ‘Welshness’, exploring all things welsh, daffodils, leeks, welsh cakes, music and anthems.

Of course, Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant is closely followed by my birthday. Or ‘our’ birthdays since I’ve been with Jon. His the 6th, mine the 7th March. As I said Monday, this year I turn 26, Jon turns 30. My sister 21 on the 9th.  I’ve always been a person who gets ridiculously excited about my birthday. I love birthdays; not just my own – birthday celebrations in general. They give an excuse for a get together, to wine and dine out, to be spoilt.  

I’m surprised that I’m excited and looking forward to my birthday this year.  It is obviously something I’m just not going to grow out of!  Feeling excitement is progress, especially since our birthday plans are so different to what was anticipated this time last year, I wasn't expecting any joy.

With Jon approaching the big 3-0 I was already planning a big celebratory family day out. Booking Jon a surprise somewhere and standing on the sidelines with our baby as he enjoyed his treat. Of course, this won’t be happening; there is no surprise for Jon planned anymore, instead we’re going to London for a few days over our birthdays; taking advantage of the perks of me now only working part-time.

At the end of 2010 I wobbled dramatically. I wasn’t ready to let go of the year that belonged to Anabelle. I feel so differently about year I was 25. Even though the year I was 25 was all things Belle I’m ready to see the back of it. I suppose, 2010 belonged to her, being 25 belonged to me.  Being 25 was the time in my life I’ve hurt the absolute most; it will always be remembered as the year I became a Mummy and that is incredibly special but I’m ready for being 26 to possibly signal something different, something new, something as well as Anabelle.

Jon has big plans for his photography. http://imageryinspired.blogspot.com 2011, being 26 and 30 is the year we’re going to have our own business. It very early stage planning but we’re determined; we have a dream for it, a focus and a goal. We have our beautiful Anabelle to thank for that. Without her we’d have never have been inspired to go for it. Here or not Anabelle manages to positively influence our lives.

Here’s to very nearly being another year older, wiser and celebrate that we've 'survived' it.   


Anonymous said...

well done you!!! hope the coming year brings joy for you both!!

Vanessa said...


Just thought i'd pop over from the TTC gang and say Hi as I havn't seen you about in a while.

Vanessa x

LittleWanderer said...

Funny, I miss St Davids day now I no longer live in Wales. Good luck with the new business xx

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