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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Capture a Moment... Caz, Jon and 28+4 Bump

I just wanted to share my current favourite photograph because I can!

It was taken on last Saturday evening, when I was 28+4 weeks pregnant with Xander.  Today we are 29+1. Every day counts; a little celebration that he is that one day older and still with us. My next big celebration will be on the 18th September, when I hope that I will be 32+5 weeks pregnant, and Alexander will have been alive longer than his sister was. Anabelle died at 32+4 days old. 

Alexander being 32+5 will be a celebration, hopefully the most properly pregnant I've ever been. I'm sure it will be a painful emotional day too; reminders, living through another point. The hospital kept counting the days after Anabelle died until she'd actually arrived. My notes say Anabelle was born at 33+ weeks. This is not true for Jon and I. For us our pregnancy stopped at 32+4 when Anabelle grew her wings. It was only a physicality after that. 

The 18th September is currently the day I'm looking towards as our next biggy of a milestone. After that, I guess we only have reaching his long awaited hopefully happy birthday to go. 

Today there is approximately 55 days left until I'm planned to be induced.  Maybe a few more. Hopefully not any less for the wrong reasons. I'm not sure what sounds longer at the moment, 8 weeks or 55 days. I hope I'm given an actual date for admission to hospital soon. A date to pin the all important milestone on and count down to properly.  I'm really ready to know the hoped for date my son will begin his journey into my arms. 

Saturday night we were out for a whole family meal for my Grandmothers birthday; aunties, uncles, cousins. I think we just look happy. This photograph doesn't give away the hugely enormous emotional stresses and strains on us during this pregnancy, I don't think it gives away our fear; we just look proud of our little boy bump. 

We are proud of our little boy bump.  I wish things were always as simple as this photograph. 


Anonymous said...

I just passed in to see what you were up to and came across this great picture................

Jon is beaming with pride, as he should..........

As I said before, he is a lucky man.........

Are you beginning to see my point, or are you going to write my comment is inappropriate again!

Caz said...

Thanks Anonymous 14:29

I think I was feeling more sensitive than normal the other day, and so I apologise. I thought it was odd because I hadn't mentioned Jon in that particular post. Anyway, it is kind of you to say he is lucky. I'm pretty sure he thinks he is too! Just as I'm lucky to have him.

Jon and I are wondering who you are and if we know you? or are you a random internet lurker?

Anonymous said...


I comment on the plankton blog; and quite by accident came across your blog; which I found moving, for I have five kids and my wife had the first three at home.

It was the most nerve wrecking thing for me, I had to remain drunk through out the process, plus I got sick and upset stomach all the time.

That was 29 years ago; but your blog brought it all back, so I just made a comment, for my wife was also strong, unlike me!

You will be just fine

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