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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Vivid Dreams

For the last six weeks or so I've been having detailed and vivid dreams. No wonder I'm waking up tired and feeling unrested much of the time at the moment. Some mornings it feels like my brain hasn't shut off at all. I know the most obvious reason for this increase in dream activity is the multitude of anxieties surrounding Bow. I remember having more dreams in the early days of Anabelle's pregnancy, but I don't remember them being this frequent, or quite as vivid or random, or quite as scary. 

Dream 1: We are driving from our house onto the motorway. There has been a huge crash, multi-car pile up and there is devastation everywhere. Smoke, suitcases and clothes strewn all over the motorway and stuck in overhead cables. Bodies piled across the carriageway. 

Dream 2: We've reached our 20 week scan. Everything is black and white as on a normal scan but in super 3D. After a while I figure out the reason it is so 3D is because my head is inside my stomach having a look at the baby. Baby is a boy. 

Dream 3: Me, my Mum and my sister are in Italy being chased around the country by the Italian Mafia. They are chasing us on a fire engine. We all have guns are are shooting at the men chasing us. Cue lots of balcony jumping and trying to hide in different rooms of a massive tower block. 

Dream 4: My friend who works in film is killed on set. A really gruesome death. 

Dream 5: Jon and me are living in what appears to be the 1950s, living in my grandparents house with people who are family, but I don't recognise any of them and they are not very nice to us. We are running away from someone but I don't know who. We have a baby boy in this dream too. 

Dream 6: I paint myself from head to toe in blue paint, including my hair. I look just like a smurf. Very random dream! 

Dream 7: I'm driving along and I notice the back of my car is on fire. I pull over and get out just intime before the whole car goes up in flames. Then I go to my parents house, only it isn't the house they live in now, but the one we all lived in until I was 11. The house is on fire too, only everyone is still inside and they don't seem to notice that it is on fire and are carrying on as normal, even thought the place is filled with smoke and flames. I ring 999 and the lady on the other end isn't interested at all and tells me to stop over-reacting about the fire. There is a baby boy in this dream too. 

Maybe I should look into dream interpretation for a giggle. 


Sam H said...

If it's any help my hormones were all over the place with Daniel - I so knew I was carrying a boy as the experience was so different to with Amelia. xx

Abi x said...

This is an average dream week for me (seriously) and I'm not pregnant :-P maybe I'm just insane!

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