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Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Over the last week I’ve become more involved in the blogging world. I’ve begun to realise it is a venture that has quite a following and community behind it; and so after hearing about British Mummy Bloggers, I decided to join up.  Networking; reading about others experiences and hoping that they read about mine.
Today I’ve been tagged in mumsarcade’s blog http://gigglingatitall.blogspot.com/ to reveal seven things about myself that my readers will not know. What a refreshing change! I cannot promise that some of my readers won’t already know some or all of these things but I hope at least some of them are mildly interesting!

ONE: My middle name is Elizabeth. As children it was not uncommon for my Dad to fondly refer to us by our middle names; Lizzy being his shortened version of choice for me. It sometimes made me wonder why it wasn’t my first name! He is still known to do it today.
TWO: Jon and I almost share a birthday. He celebrates his on the 6th March and me the 7th. He is 4 years and 1 day older than me.  
THREE: Jon and I met on a website called faceparty which was popular before facebook. He sent me a random message one day just telling me we had gone to the same secondary school. This turned into a penpal type relationship and his persevering for a year before I agreed to meet him. We finally met for my 21st birthday and the rest, they say, is history.
FOUR: My favourite verse in the bible is Phillipians 4 v 13. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” It often pops into my thoughts, which is just as well because I always need reminding of it. Especially when I’m reaching breaking point; which is often these days.
FIVE: My TV crush is David Boreanaz. Also known by Booth in Bones and the famous Angel vampire! Just lovely!  
SIX: I can play the piano. I used to be able to play very well but I am considerably out of practice these days. I used to play classics, but these days the most I play is a few hymns in school assembly and of course for Christmas concert; the highlight of the school calendar year!  I wish I could play like I used to and would love my own piano at home!  
SEVEN: My first doll was called Cherry. I’m still strangely attached to her and will keep her forever. I’m not sure I could even pass her on to my children; although she currently sits in Anabelle’s room amongst her things.

That was nice for a brief change of focus! Anyone visiting feel free to ask me something about myself that you still don’t know!


shirley said...

caroline, i just want to say that you are dealing with everything amazingly!! And i know that its really hard when so many, thankfully, don't truly understand what you're going through. i just wanted to say that Annabelle will always be a part of your family and in the future when people ask you how many children you have you will alwys count her among them and be proud to explain. I think of Nicholas every day and i still ask why? but i am really glad that i went on to have his sister in the following year - not because he could ever be replaced, but because i so needed to be a mum xx

mumsarcade said...

Thanks so much for taking part. I like many have not had your experience so don't know what to say or do to help. Hoping that by reaching out to you yesterday I at least recognised that you are a mum and a very interesting and inspiring one too at that.
You take care and if I can do anything at all to help even a little bit, you give a shoutout

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