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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Birth Planning

Tuesday we had an appointment with our consultant, we also had another scan and another peek of our little boy. He really is growing fast! He is above average length and already estimated to be a whopping 2lb 3oz in weight! According to our baby app on Jon's phone that is 2 weeks more than he should be!    

We're expecting him to be long; Anabelle was long for 32 weeks at 44cm tall. But she was only an average weight for her age at 4lb 5oz.  Without any estimated weight for her at 25 weeks though it is difficult to compare, although needless to say I'm starting to think Alexander may be a porker compared to his sister! 

I know these weight estimations are a bit like voodoo really, they don't really have a clue do they, although I find it very interesting. I wonder what he'll be estimated at our next scan in 4 weeks time?! It really doesn't matter to me how heavy my little (or not so little!) boy is though, all that matters is that he gets here screaming.  

The rest of our appointment focused around discussions about my anxiety, the pain in my hips and our birth plan. 

Anxiety; there isn't a lot that can be done. The consultant and hospital midwives are very understanding, they want to offer as much reassurance as they can, I'm welcome to go to the hospital to listen to Alexander's heartbeat whenever I want to, I'll be offered frequent appointments for check ups through 3rd trimester with both my consultant and community midwife. But they recognise, as do I, that even all of this is not going to banish those anxieties completely. Only bringing him home; and even then I think I'll be the worlds most over protective mother. I will have to try and be rational I suppose. 

The pain in my hips; we're going to see how I go. If the pain is worse by my next appointment in August I'll be referred for physiotherapy. 

Birth; this was the bit we were especially anxious to plan. Originally, in our 'planning next pregnancy' appointment in January, we were told I would be induced at 37 weeks.  We were anxious to know, in the change over from one consultant to another that this plan would still be adhered too. Thankfully we were reassured that is the plan. 

I will be admitted to hospital at 37 weeks and induction will begin over those few days.  The finer details of the exact date and exact process we can go over again at another appointment, but for now it is enough to know the week at least is definitely arranged.

I know not everyone agrees with inductions and intervention, especially early inductions, but my sanity is relying on it.  This is appropriate care for us. My baby boy needs to be born as soon as safely possible and at 37 weeks he is considered fully cooked and it is time to come home with Mummy and Daddy. We have an end point to focus on, a birthday goal; Alexander has to keep surviving for 5 weeks long than his sister did and then he'll be big enough to be born. 

Every week feels long now, but they are especially going to be the longest 5 weeks of my entire life. 


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