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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Capture a Moment... 22+5 Bump

We've been taking bump photographs again. This time taking the opportunity to celebrate our little boys name!  

The first thing we bought for Alexander after we found out he was a boy was this blue letter A.  Just like Jon had done in his lunch hour for Anabelle (only hers of course is pink!)  I love it. To me, their letter A's instantly celebrate their names, instantly identifies the little person inside my bump.  

I'm sure I've written in other posts that Alexander was so named because we wanted to find a new letter "A" name for our second child, giving them another special connection to their sister by sharing the same AM initials.  Alexander was also the only boys A name that we both loved enough to see ourselves with a little boy called it! 

Jon and I in both of our pregnancies have been notoriously bad at agreeing on boys names.  Girls names; not a problem, lots of agreeable ideas. Boys names; we have very different ideas. Or more to the point, I have lots of ideas, Jon says no to nearly them all but doesn't come up with any of his own!   

I've always enjoyed looking at the meanings of names. According to Gurgle the meaning and description of my name is 'Song of Happiness', Jon is 'Gift from God' (he'll love that!), Anabelle is 'Beautiful' (of course!) and Alexander is 'Protector of Mankind'. I've also read other places that his name means brave.  I'm sure he'll live up to the meanings of his name, I'm imagining him being a strong man, our Xander-Man, and after all his sister lives up to the meaning of hers! 

I wonder how many variations in spelling of Alexander/Xander we'll see over his journey?  

We've seen many for Anabelle. I knew as soon as she was named we'd chosen an unusual spelling. We actually carefully chose the spelling of her name because we wanted the focus of a short name to be Belle. Two 'n's looked too long and felt it took away from Belle then, and the other alternative spelling didn't leave us with the spelling Belle in the name at all, rather Bel which to us didn't look right either. 

So Anabelle she is. Frequently I see her name written with that extra 'n' though, and frequently I've heard myself spelling out her name as a matter of course when I've needed too. Our poor girl, if she was here, would've spent her life saying "Anabelle, that's one 'n', two 'l's and an 'e'! It's quite nice that I've been able to do that for her. (And something I've been used to doing my whole life with my maiden name; "that's Villars, V, I double L, A, R, S!") 

So far for Xander I've seen his short name spelt with a 'Z' instead of an 'X'.  I wonder how many other alternatives there will be?! 

Anyway, we've taken lots of photographs now. Already a beautiful collection of bump shots to remember this time with him and with 14 weeks still to go until I'm induced I'm sure there'll be plenty more yet.  And what I think is extra special about all these photographs; they've been taken by his Daddy. Next time, somehow, we'll try getting Daddy in some of them too! 


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