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Thursday, 14 July 2011


I had so many dreams for Anabelle, so many things I wanted to take her to and enjoy with her.  Water babies, music and rhyme time, ballet classes, gymnastics, piano/instrument lessons, rainbows, brownies. I had it all planned. Her life was going be rich and full of lovely experiences.  

Today we are expecting Alexander. I'm struggling to conjure up the same long term dreams for him as I had for Anabelle. I know I want to take him to water babies and rhyme time, I know I'd love him to play an instrument, maybe we can explore beavers and cubs. But beyond that I haven't got a clue, neither of us really do sport and I wouldn't be surprised if that rubs off on him. Daddy is a geek after all, not a footballer!

Jon wants him to be into science and experiments, or a petrol head; he's even boasted of his aspirations of Alexander being a F1 driver and wants to encourage him into motor sport from a young age. (Yes I'm rolling my eyes too!!) 

I knew how to be a little girl; I've no clue how to be a little boy! So what do your little boys enjoy? I want to fill Xander's life with lots of lovely experiences too.

It's time for new hopes and dreams, different to Anabelle, unique for him.  Bittersweet as always; letting go of my beautiful girls dreams and creating a little life for my son. 


Anonymous said...

Surey as a Welshy, it'll have to be rugby? ;)

- Abi

Caz said...

Ai, I'm sure his Uncle Danny will see to that even if his Daddy doesn't! xx

Anonymous said...

There's socatots and rugbytots. My DS loved the toddler gym class too.

Anonymous said...

Initially it's things like painting/craft, puzzles, reading, outdoor toys, baking, soft play centres.. and when he gets old enough to choose "boys" activities specifically, you will be a lot more clued up from contact with nursey/school friends plus Alexander will also probably lead the way too! I didn't know what to do with a boy baby either, in the beginning, but we have learnt and continue to learn together :-). Some boys aren't into the typical boys pastimes of sport or cars, they might be into, say, street dance, judo, guitar, art, cooking... but whatever he's into you will find you can learn to love too simply because he loves it. Best wishes, I only know you from your blog not personally but your story and devotion to your baby girl has really touched me and I wish you so much happiness.

MsGenealogist said...

In my experience (have DS and DD) it takes a good while before the baby stops being just a cuddly little baby and starts to seem like a boy or a girl particularly; and you will probably find you are in no hurry to make that happen. He will start to take an interest in certain things, images, toys, whatever, while he is still very little and then you can just follow his lead :)

But to answer your question: DS (almost 4) has always been mad on animals. Mostly jungle animals but also farm animals, and also ocean creatures more recently; that has been his main obsession. It sounds superficially impressive, but in fact is entirely down to an early obsession with 64 Zoo Lane on CBeebies. He also loves stories, Play-Doh, and drawing with felt tips and/or those chubby 12m+ pencils. He is keen on cars, but that only happened in the past year once he saw the Pixar movie Cars - I think for him, it was the characters rather than the fact they are vehicles that finally captured his interest. So I get a bit irritated when people seem to think all boys naturally love cars and trucks and animals/drawing etc are just for girls. We didn't train him this way, we just followed what he likes (& I have now gotten over my embarrassment at the fact it is mainly TV-driven)!

He is also VERY keen on dirt, mud, puddles and general outdoor filth.

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